Blood Donation Drive Success || Anchal Sharma

Meals of Happiness

The Meals of Happiness NGO, APP (Association of Property Professionals DELHI-NCR), Rotary Club, and Barista Drizzles & Dust collaborated to organize a Blood Donation Drive in 2023. The event was made possible thanks to the efforts of Vivek Duggal and Kshitij, who respectively organized the drive and provided the space at Galleria. Anchal offered immense support to the cause, while Ricky, Mitesh, and Timmy ensured the success of the event.

Mr. Gautam from Drizzles and Dust at Galleria was particularly lauded for his generosity in offering free coffee to all donors. The team successfully reached its target and helped make a difference in the lives of those in need. The donors who gave their time and blood were also praised for their generosity, as their contribution has the potential to give someone a second chance at life.

Blood Donation Drive Success

The organizers extended their heartfelt gratitude to everyone who supported the Blood Donation Drive, and hoped to see those who were unable to attend at the next event. Together, the community can continue to make a positive impact and serve noble causes. The hashtags #BloodDonationDrive #SaveLives #CommunityService #Gratitude #ThankYou #Generosity #NobleCause were used to express appreciation for the success of the event.

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