What is an Output Device? 5 Output device of computer

In this article, We will know that what is an Output Device and also know about the Output Device of computer. Before this, we have already read What is Computer and what is the full form of a Computer. So let’s read in detail about the Output device of Computer?

What is an Output Device

What is an Output Device?

“The devices which help us to receive information from the computer are called output devices.” Output devices give results either in Hard or soft form. In another term, we can say The devices which are used to display data to the user, called output devices. The results can be either in the form of hard copy or soft copy.

Examples of output devices are Screen/monitor, Printer, Plotter, projectors, speaker, Headphones, etc. These devices are used to receive the results from the CPU. The monitor helps to display information on the screen, Printer and Plotter is print the information. and Speakers, Headphones help to listen to the information.

Output Device of Computer

Output device of computer - Monitor


This is an Output device. VDU is a Visual soft Output device and is used for getting soft visual Output on screen. It measured diagonally from one corner of the screen to the opposite corner. VDU can be categorized into two types on the basis of technology the first one is CRT and the second is LCD.

(i) CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) – This is the television-like screen where the results of a Computer’s tasks are displayed. In this technology, Cathode Ray falls on a fluorescence screen and by deflecting rays makes the picture.

There are two types of CRTs. The first is Monochrome that’s also known as Black and White, and the second is Color. In the color monitor, RGB emits respectively red, green, and blue light. Due to this RGB, pictures appear in colored view.

(ii) LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) – This VDU is thin flat and has light modulating technology. It is of two types. The first is TFT (Thin Film Transistor) It is a variant of LCD and makes a matrix but is not self-lighting, and the second is LED (Light Emitting Diode) It is self-back light-emitting technology, the picture quality is better in LCD.

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Output device of computer - Printer


A printer is an Output device that prints text documents, images, spreadsheets, etc as hard copy. The printer’s quality is measured in dot per inch (DPI). There are two types of printers Impact Printer and Non-Impact.

(i) Impact Printer – This type of printer strikes against the ink ribbon and makes an impression on the paper. There is a metallic or plastic head having pins. the Dot Matrix Printer is a type of Impact Printer.

(ii) Non-Impact Printer – In this technology, there is no hammer to strike against the ribbon. This is the latest technology. The two main types of non-impact printers are inkjet and laser printers.

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Multimedia Projector

The projector is an output device and is often used in meetings presentations. It contains a lens inside which is used to flash the film to an object.


The plotter is an output device that is used to produce graphical output on papers. It uses single-color or multi-color pens to draw pictures as blueprints etc.


Speakers are also kind of output devices which is used to play a sound as output. It is used in multimedia applications to play or listen to sound or music.

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